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Welcome to the last mile logistics (LaMilo) knowledge hub, a resource centre which includes the latest research, learning and best practice for a greener transport in cities in North West Europe. The knowledge hub has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Date: 06.03.2015

Smart City Logistics powered by iGUESS

Location: Luxembourg

Smart City Logistics powered by iGUESS

Freight deliveries in cities is a real challenge for local authorities and urban planners. With the development of urban space, freight delivery contributes to traffic congestion (20 to 25% of road occupancy concerns the urban transport of goods), noise, CO2 emissions and air pollution. 

Addressing last mile logistics requires an understanding of several elements that affect the urban deliveries performance. To help local authorities and urban planners to tackle this complex issue, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology is working on a decision support tool, named IGUESS.

IGUESS is a decision support tool which aims at improving the knowledge usually fragmented and incomplete on city logistics with maps.

One of the innovative aspect is to translate all data into maps to help planners to analyse the current situation. Visual representation is an easy way to present facts, practices and trends. With this tool, local authorities have a better understanding of the urban deliveries operations.

Another innovative aspect is the development of scenarios. Planners can make selections such as the number and type of vehicles and highlight the variations in CO2 emissions produced by each situation. Based on the results, planners can choose the right decisions to regulate the practices.

The third innovative aspect is the tangible interface which proposes another support to visualise data.